ISLAMABAD - The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman, Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Monday chaired the director-generals’ conference of the bureau and also reviewed the overall performance of the national anti-corruption watchdog.

According to the NAB, the conference thoroughly deliberated the performance of all regional bureaus and the NAB Headquarters including operation, prosecution and awareness and prevention divisions of the bureau.

Measures taken by the present management of the NAB were reviewed in order to further improve the performance and efficiency of the bureau.

During the conference, the NAB’s Regional Bureau’s performance conducted by the CI&MT, which was evaluated at a given criteria under the Partly Quantified Grading System, PQGS (Operational Efficiency Index) was deliberated in order to review and further improve the performance of officers/officials of the NAB as with better quantitative and qualitative improvements in Operational Efficiency Index, rationalised workload, clearly-drawn job descriptions and institutional support and supervision.

While addressing the concluding session of the conference, the NAB chairman said the NAB was established to eradicate corruption and bring back the looted money from the corrupt. The NAB had chalked out a very comprehensive operational methodology for proceeding of cases, complaint verification, inquiry and investigation.

The NAB’s investigation officers strictly follow code of conduct and a policy of zero tolerance on the basis of evidence as per law.

He said that to close the possibility of any single NAB officer/official influencing the discharge of official business, the concept of a “Combined Investigation Team” (CIT) was introduced where two investigation officers and a legal consultant are working as a team for a fair, transparent and unbiased, inquiry/ investigation.

He said that prosecution was also given targets and as a result of endeavours, the accountability court conviction ratio was now 76 per cent.

He said that the NAB had recovered Rs287 billion since its inception from corrupt and deposited in the national exchequer. The NAB has received 343,356 complaints, which were all disposed of according to the law.

The NAB has authorised 11,581 complaint verifications, 7,587 inquiries, 3,846 investigations and filed 2,808 corruption references in the respective accountability courts to proceed against allegedly corrupt people since its inception.  In a short span of three years during the tenure of the present management of the NAB, the NAB performance remained excellent, which is better than any investigation agency and we recovered Rs45 billion, which is a record achievement.  

At the end, Chaudhry appreciated the devoted efforts of all concerned and directed all officers/officials to double their efforts in eradication of corruption and to recover looted money from the corrupt as the NAB is determined to make Pakistan corruption free.