-BHALWAL -A man was killed in crossfire took place between two rival groups on old enmity at Tehsil courts gate No2 while two of the attackers were gunned down in their shootout with the police.

Zulfiqar Bhatti of Ghiyas Mela group was shot dead by four attackers from Sandhu group. They came by a car to settle the old scores of their father Fateh Muhammad’s murder by the former group. When Zulfiqar reached the courts gate to attend the hearing of a case in sessions court, they attacked and shot him dead.

When the police received the information, the police party reached the spot but the accused escaped. But near Salim Area, they were encircled by the Elite Police Force where two persons from the accused party were killed while two policemen were seriously injured in the encounter.

Keeping in view the seriousness of the crime and heavy arms held by accused, police force from all district was called there and encounter was going on till the writing of this story.