PESHAWAR: Police baton-charged protesters during a demonstration by the Young Doctors Association (YDA) at Hayatabad Medical Complex today.

The doctors had announced that they planned close the different wards of the hospital including the out-patient department (OPD). However, they were stopped by the police.

A heavy contingent of police was deployed outside the wards to control the situation. The doctors tried to walk past the police officers, which resulted in a heated argument. Police baton-charged the protesters to disperse them.

Section 144 has also been imposed in the area since the last few months. As a result, the police also took five suspects into custody. 

"If Imran can do it, why can't we?" YDA President Dr Gulab Noor Afridi said while speaking to media.“If Imran Khan can protest in the Red Zone [in Islamabad] then why can’t the doctors protest at the hospital’s lawn?”

“Being able to protest is our constitutional right,” he said, adding that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police is much worse than the 'Gullu Butts' of Lahore. 

Later, Dr Afridi was also detained by the police. 

Previously, the YDA have protested outside Lady Reading Hospital and even set up a hunger strike camp near Sooriya Pul.

The young doctors’ demands include monetary compensation for the martyred doctors, no political interference in the hospital management, security for doctors, time-scale promotions and professional allowances.