OKARA - Fifteen farmers were booked for stealing canal water to irrigate their fields. The Canal Dept staff traced canal water theft at village Ladhewaly.

Malik Zia, Asraf, Siddique, Muhammad Yar and 11 other farmers of the village were accused of stealing canal  water. Besides, in village Somian, Bholu Umar and Zahoor were also found stealing canal water. When the canal dept staff admonished them, they started threatening the staff. The SDO Canal Depalpur got a case registered in the PS Chorasta Mian Khan.

A boy and two women got injured in a clash between a car and their a bike. Near Jahaz Ground at Head Sulemanki a young boy was carrying two women on a motorcycle. An oncoming car hit and ran over them. The three persons got severely injured and were rushed to the hospital at Haveli Lakha.