KANDHKOT -  People of Kandhkot especially children, women as well as men thronged to various markets, bazaars, centres and stalls for shopping such as readymade and raw clothes, shoes and other related shopping items ahead of Eid.

It is observed that just days to go before Eid the preparation to celebrate the Eid festival are in full swing across Kashmore. A heavy rush can be witnessed at different markets especially ladies market, Shahi Bazaar, Shujrah Chowk, Awan Market, Main City Bazaar and others.

While the locals of Kandhkot also have set their temporary stalls at main areas for selling all kinds of merchandise. It is also seems that women along with children remained busy in purchasing their accessories such as shoes, bangles, jewelries and makeup matching with their Eid dresses.

Mostly customers have complained of the high prices of kid's clothes, suits and shoes. Unzila a house wife said that the prices of readymade clothes, shoes especially kids wear touch to sky.

According to observing, shop and stall owners are very glad with their higher sale of clothes, shoes, cosmetics whereas heavy profit is being earned from them.

Raheel and Vivek Kumar cloth and cosmetic shop owners they said due to improvement of economical condition of country the all over sale is much higher than last previous years.

It is worthy to mention here that despite high temperature across Kashmore various communities of entire district are busy in shopping for upcoming Eid festival with great enthusiasm.