LAHORE - PTI Chairman Imran Khan failed to keep promises in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and failed to deliver, said PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday posing 26 questions for answer from the rival party chief.

Shehbaz asked from the PTI chairman that where were 350 dams which he used to talk of constructing and were Pesh Imams of these mosques paid salaries. He inquired from Imran that did Imams of theses mosques get solar systems in those mosques?

Whether you have established the promised 250 colleges, he further asked. Where are 1000 stadiums, what about your projects of providing electricity to the whole of Pakistan, Shehbaz was curious, Would you like to tell about the passages which led to the University set up in the Chief Minister House and the Library in the Governor’s House Peshawar, said.

Shehbaz’s other questions from PTI chief are: Whether you have ended corruption in KP in 90 days or your own party parliamentarians and people at the high offices have been found out corrupt? Would you like to tell about your commitment on giving Paris-like look to Peshawar, and, why Peshawar has become the dirtiest city of the world in PTI’s five years of rule and today your Metro Bus project has turned this city into ruins? What about your metro train project?

Where are the projects in KP which will benefit people for the next 100 years? Can you enlighten us where the foreigners live who were brought from abroad to serve KP? Can you just apprise the nation of the state of accountability in KP? Is there no violation of merit in the award of jobs in KP? Have the KP ‘exemplary’ police succeeded in checking smuggling of drugs and narcotics from Afghanistan? Whether old and sincere workers in the PTI have been awarded party tickets for the next election instead of electable and the corrupt?

Whether Imran Khan refrained himself from availing the official VIP protocol along with the official residence? Why he failed to appear before the court for three and a half years showing disrespect to law and the constitution? Has Imran given up telling lies to the nation and taking U-turns? Imran you resigned from the parliament and cursed the house and remained absent and even then you continued to accept salary as Parliamentarian, why? Can a politician who curses the Parliament be described a democratic politician? The revolutionary leader Imran has announced not to get loans even at the cost of his life yet his party government in KP got record Rs3 trillion loans, why? Is it not a fact that ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Ameen’ Imran held the assets to the value of Rs15million in 2013 which rose to Rs1.5billion in 2017. Can you tell the nation about your source of income?

The former chief minister seeking answers concluded on the assertion that Imran failed to deliver in a small province, KP, over the five years rule. therefore no reason he can do anything for the country if given power.