KARACHI - The police Tuesday claimed to have apprehended at least three suspected gangsters allegedly involved in various cases of crime including gang rapes.

The suspects arrested were later identified as Maula Buksh alias Maulu, Akbar alias Kukki and Maula Buksh Lal. The police also claimed to have recovered hand grenades, arms and ammunitions from their possession.

The accused persons have been arrested by the Pak Colony police while the arrests were disclosed during a press conference. SITE division SP Asif Bhugio said that the gangsters arrested belonged to the Lyari gang war’s Uzair Jan Baloch group and were involved in various cases of crime including murders, attempt to murders, extortion and kidnapping.

“The arrested gangsters have confessed that they used to kidnapped the traders of the Shairshah market and various businessmen of the Lyari ahead of the short term kidnapping but also confessed to have killed several over refusal to pay the ransom money,” the officer explained while quoting the confessional statements of the suspects. “They also confessed to have loot the loaded trucks with betel nuts and rice as well as passenger coaches coming from Baluchistan.”

The officer said that the arrested gangsters also confessed to have killed assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Rahimullah and injuring constables Wazir Sultan and a passerby boy during a criminal activity in Shairshah in 2012 during an exchange of fire. The suspects also claim to have killed a young girl after subjecting her to a gang rape over suspicious of being informant. “Not only a single woman, but they have so far been involved in various similar gang rapes in Lyari and its surroundings,” the officer explained.

Various cases against them are already registered in Pak Colony and various police stations in Lyari. In another raid, the police arrested an accused, namely Zulfiqar Rafiq for his alleged involved in fake currency business. His arrest was also made from Pak Colony while the police also recovered fake currency from his possession. The cases against them were registered while further investigation was underway.