YUXI, CHINA   -   Declaring media role vital for promoting people-to-people contacts, speakers at China-South Asia Media Forum said all South Asian countries will have to make collective efforts for progress of the region and chalk out an effective policy to meet challenges faced by media.

They underlined the effective role of media in furthering collective regional objectives of social and economic prosperity.

The China-South Asia Media Forum serves as a platform for media professionals from China and South Asia countries to pursue stronger cooperation and promote people-to-people exchanges, participants of the forum agreed.

The forum was opened in Yuxi, southwest China’s Yunnan province, on Tuesday.

Hundreds of professionals and experts from China and South Asia countries, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives and Afghanistan attended the session.

Addressing last sitting of the forum, Tian Shubin, Vice President of China Federation of Internet Societies and Chairman as well as President of Xinhua Net, said China and Pakistan will have to evolve a strategy and make joint efforts to counter negative propaganda against CPEC.

He said CPEC was a guarantee to progress in the region. Tian said they faced new multiple challenges in media industry. “The world is progressing fast in this field and we will have to use social media as well as modern technology to meet these challenges,” Tian was of the view.

He pointed out that bridge connecting different civilizations, media should contribute more to all-round, multi-layered and wide-ranging cooperation among countries.

Tian also proposed to the participants to set up a fair and reasonable communication order, build a platform of interconnections and meet challenges of media developing together.

Tian said the media outlets should follow the trend seen in the realm of media transformation that calls for building platform for digital and connectivity networks.

Tian Shubin noted that South Asia and China were homes to 40 per cent of the world’s total population which required robust representation at the international media forum through close cooperation and innovations in media sector.

Through use of social media and modern technology gadgets, modern day challenges could be countered, he opined.

Muhammad Mudassir Tipu, the Consul General of Pakistan, in his address said through modern means of communications including the social media, vast information was being transmitted to people across the globe within friction of minutes.

He emphasized upon judicious use of the modern day media.

Tipu further said China had invested hugely under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for the development of Pakistan. Certain projects under CPEC umbrella had been completed while others were being completed.

Expressing pleasure over the participation of Pakistani mediamen, the Consul General said their presence would enhance people-to-people and media contacts between China and Pakistan.

He further said business tourism prospects of Yunnan province possessed greater attraction for Pakistanis which needed to be highlighted through use of media.

Senior Pakistani journalist Hassan Shahzad emphasized on the concerted efforts for exchange of information and a strong joint media policy between Pakistan and China.

Expressing his views on the possibilities of connections and journalistic innovation, he said that media was a power that cast deep impacts on the society and culture.

Though Pakistan and China both have different systems of government yet they have a common value of an active media. However, the media has to make more efforts to bring public of both countries closer.

Hassan Shahzad commented that news and information pertaining to China were broadcast effectively on both print and electronic media incessantly in Chinese, English and Urdu languages. There was a need to counter the negative propaganda regarding CPEC through a joint well-designed communication by both countries.

Mr. Wang Chaowen said history of cultural bonds between China and sub-continent was very old and he stressed the importance of bringing the people from both regions closer. He said, “We must bring about joint ventures to fortify mutual relationships.”

Wang Chaowen said Xinhua Net, a leading Chinese news agency, was acting like a bridge to bring closer various civilizations of the sub-continent. He showed his keenness to increase closer mutual cooperation with the media organizations of the sub-continent.

Yunnan Media Group President Hiyanning expressed that the media forum was a useful platform for nurturing strong media connections and exchange of mutual experiences.