A number of online startups are proving their mettle at the international stage in recent years. These include companies which cater to international audiences but also companies that aim to thrive purely by appealing to local consumers.

CurryFlow.com, a news magazine website based in Lahore, falls somewhere in the middle.

The website, owned by Algate Corp and funded by major investors, seeks to attract Indian & Pakistani audiences throughout the world by creating content which bridges the gap between the cultures, tastes and entertainment.

The website is not the first many major platforms such as Mangobaaz, Review It & Daily Pakistan have sought to gain market share of this rapidly increase demand for quality content.

‘News magazine websites are not easy to run, you have to ensure great content each day throughout the year. You cannot run dry and have off days like traditional news platforms’, shares Usman, a web developer for the website.

CurryFlow.com celebrated it’s second anniversary earlier this year amid plans for immediate expansion into online video production and community building.