LOS ANGELES-Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have sparked speculation they are set to release a collaboration.

The ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ hitmaker famously fell out with her fellow pop star over their dancers and touring crew a number of years ago, but they have since buried the hatchet, and Taylor recently added Katy’s new track, ‘Never Really Over’, to her ‘ME!’ Apple Playlist. Now KatyCats and Swifties - their respective fanbases - are predicting that the famous pair are plotting a duet, as Katy posted a plate of cookies with ‘Peace At Last’ iced around the plate with Taylor tagged on Instagram.

She also set her location as ‘’Let’s Be Friends’’, a potential song title, and Taylor, 29, commented with 13 pink love heart emojis, her lucky number.

Back in 2018, Katy sent Taylor an actual olive branch as a call to end their long running feud.

The duo had been at loggerheads since 2014 when Taylor accused Katy of sabotaging her ‘Red Tour’ by stealing three of her backing dancers.

In the video posted to her social media account, Taylor could be heard off-camera saying: ‘’So I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch.

 This means so much to me.’’

Katy had previously insisted she has a lot of love for the singer.