It is not understood as to why a mountain has been made of a mole hill by the lawyer fraternity and the opposition regarding the reference sent to the Supreme Judicial Council against Justice Qazi Faez Isa. This action is entirely within the ambit of the constitution.

There is, however, hardly any doubt whatsoever that Justice Qazi Faez Isa enjoys an excellent reputation and is considered to be above board morally and ethically. Nevertheless he is after all a human being and not an angel, and to err is human. In the end, it may all be an honest oversight. Before canonizing someone, remember that even saints were not saints at one time, and had to undergo harsh scrutiny. The higher the pedestal, greater the accountability. Have we forgotten the extreme scrutiny that Justice Kavanaugh went during his confirmation.

I am sure the Hon’ble Judge himself would welcome all steps as long as they are in line with the constitution, for institutions should not be sacrificed at the altar of hero-worship. I humbly urge the nay-sayers to hold their horses and wait for the decision of the Hon’ble SJC, which, after all, is made up of senior most Hon’ble Judges. Who better to judge a Judge than his own peers.

For the legal fraternity to condemn this reference, which is in line with the Articles of the Constitution, is to condemn the Constitution itself, which I am sure no lawyer, law officer, Bar Council, or even the Hon’ble Judges themselves can even think of.

Here, may I also add that with the severe punishment meted out to senior officers of the Army and this subject action, the myth of holy cows will be buried once and for all.


Karachi, June 1.