KARACHI - The Sindh government on Wednesday termed federal government budget another failure of PTI rulers and added that it was aimed to crush common man of the country who were already facing the hardships due to policies of incompetent government of selected Prime Minister.

It was said during a presser at Sindh Assembly by provincial cabinet members Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Saeed Ghani, Makhdoom Mehboob ur Rehman and advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Information Affairs Barrister Murtaza Wahab.

Wahab, who is spokesman of the provincial government, rejected the PTI IMF budget adding that it will add to the miseries of already inflation stricken people of Pakistan.

The advisor said that it was anti-people budget and prices of all essential commodities which will strike hard at all segments of society particularly working class have gone up.

No relief or subsidy was provided to nation in the IMF-dictated budget, he said adding that now tax has been imposed on the fifty thousand income, making it difficult for a common man.

He said: “PPP has decided to stand with people and will take to streets to defend interests of common men. Failed policies of PTI rulers have compelled people to come to streets.”

Barrister Murtaza Wahab criticised prime minister’s Tuesday night address to nation and said that it was like his container speech.

PM advised to start probe from 1999

He said that worthy architect of Naya Pakistan doesn’t know how to address nation as prime minister then how can he run the affairs of diverse country like Pakistan.

He made it clear that PPP requires no NRO. He added that our selected prime minister repeatedly remarked in his midnight speech that he (prime minister) will not give NRO to anyone while on other hand he himself had discovered NRO for Aleema Baji. He said that selected prime minister has announced to form dangerous commission under him.

“Mr Prime Minister! you were trembling while addressing the nation, how can you head the investigation commission,” he said and advised the PM to start probe from 1999 and investigate the ten months tenure of PTI government who had destroyed the economy of country.

“If you want to investigate then start with your aides who were sitting on your both sides,” he added. He warned PTI government that people will take to streets for safeguarding their rights. To a question, he said that Pakistan People’s Party had faced dictators and jails. They were not afraid of these tactics of puppet government of PTI. He said that PPP Co chairman Asif Ali Zardari will prove his innocence through course of law. His arrest was merely to pressurize him on key issues like NFC and 18th amendment, the advisor said.

Wahab further said that recent arrest of Asif Ali Zardari and others were made to divert public attention from anti people Budget. The government does not have anything to sell. They are trying to arrest people to hide their failures.

The advisor to CM on Information said that Pakistan People’s party was not in need of NRO. He said that the people would come out against price hike and budget issue. Wahab said that the Sindh government could not get its share of Rs137 billion in ten months in the head of health sector.

Saeed Ghani said that PTI always declare PML-N and PPP as corrupt parties but PTI’s corruption as a party is witnessed and told by one of their insiders and head of the commission to probe PTI intra-party polls Justice retd Wajeeh ud Din.

“Wajeeh Uddin claimed that Perrvez Khattak, Arif Alvi and other top party leaders used money to influence the polls,” he said the history of party is filled with U-turns as they have taken in case of amnesty schemes, that were once termed as a tool to facilitate thieves by the incumbent prime minister.

He said that time would prove that the amnesty by the incumbent government is aimed at facilitating thieves of PTI.