ISLAMABAD - The federal cabinet has proposed to allocate Rs636 million for the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) as well as Earthquake Reconstruction and rehabilitation Authority (ERRA).

The estimated amount that has been demanded by the federal cabinet is to defray the salaries and other expenses of NDMA. For the employees related expenses, the total estimated money demanded by federal cabinet for NDMA and ERRA is Rs400 million. The demanded pay for the respective departments is rupees Rs126 million among which rupees 70m is demanded for the officers and rupees 56m for the other staff members.

According to the information in the proposed allocation by the federal cabinet for NDMA, the total number of officers working in the respective department are 51 whereas 108 officials are working as staff members. The demand for paying the officers of NDMA is rupees 32 million in the national budget while as much is demanded for the staff members. The proposed allocation for the salaries for officers working in ERRA is rupees 59 million.  For allowances of the employees working in NDMA and ERRA, an estimated number of Rs274 million is proposed by the federal cabinet. Rs161 million is proposed for regular allowances whereas, Rs112 million is proposed for other allowances.

The operating expenses in total proposed for NDMA and ERRA for the year 2020-2021 is Rs203 million. Rs98, million is proposed to operate Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority, while the remaining Rs104 million are demanded for the operating expenses of NDMA. The operating expenses are to cover the costs of communication, utilities, occupancy costs, traveling and transport of the specific departments.

The money required for pensioners and other retirement benefits for the officers of both NDMA and ERRA is estimated to be Rs1.7 million and Rs2.7 million for technical assistance required in the field for the respective departments.  The money demanded for physical assets for NDMA and ERRA is Rs3.927 million. Rs2.805 million and Rs1.122 million are proposed for the purchase of plant/ machinery and furniture/Fixture respectively, whereas for repairs and maintenance, Rs9.39 is proposed by the federal cabinet for NDMA and ERRA.

Total estimated money proposed for NDMA and ERRA in the national budget 2020-2021 is rupees 363 million and 273 million respectively.