China-India border tension risk escalating into a more intense conflict. Up to 10,000 Chinese troops, equipped with vehicles and tents, are reportedly stationed in Ladakh, close to where India, China, and Pakistan meet, having crossed the “Line of Actual Control” between the two nations in early May. In the last few weeks, there have been certain clashes. China’s actions appear to be a response to India’s construction of roads and airstrips adjacent to the Line of Actual Control (LAC), which will improve connectivity and enable easier mobility for Indian troops within the area. In the last three weeks, Beijing has been issuing a number of warnings to New Delhi, the most serious of which has been its observation that India has not learned from history and should recall its humiliating defeat in 1962.

Donald Trump has offered to mediate between India and China. Trump’s offer to intervene came as a result of Beijing and New Delhi increasing troop presence at the LAC. China, on Friday, rejected President Trump’s offer to mediate, saying the two countries do not need the intervention of a “third party” to settle their differences.