Amid an uncontrollable and worsening situation in regard to the coronavirus infection spread in Lahore, the government is considering complete strict lockdown in the city. As of now, more than 23,000 people are corona positive and more than 300 people are dead just in Lahore. The Chief Minister of Punjab in meeting with his cabinet looks determined to adapt a separate strategy for Lahore.

If we look back, the government authorities, including Primary and Secondary healthcare department, Punjab Food Authority, Police and other medical workers, since the very first day of this pandemic outbreak are working for the safety and well being of people especially in Lahore but the question is that despite extra care why is the situation in Lahore getting worse with each passing day? The answer is “us”; yes, we are responsible for this somehow. No government and no authority can fight with this pandemic alone without the cooperation of people. We are the ones who have failed our government bodies and their noble efforts. People continue to wander unduly on streets in markets, shopping, no SOP’s are being followed. It’s the result of our carelessness that we are stuck in such a dangerous situation. It is requested to all the people reading this especially to Lahore residents; stay home, avoid unnecessary travelling, follow SOP’s, maintain social distance or else get ready for irreparable loss.