ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A Rehman Malik while expressing his grave concerns over the rapid increase in coronavirus cases in the country, reiterated the demand to enforce SOPs against coronavirus through Army curfew.

In a statement issued on Friday, he urged the government to ensure implementation of SOPs through force of law. He said that the rapid rise in corona cases is alarming and if the SOPs are still not strictly enforced, there will be further increase in the reported cases in upcoming days. He said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan should immediately impose curfew under the Army to ensure implementation of SOPs.

He said that neither the strength nor resources of police are enough to implement the SOPs, therefore, it is needed to be done through Army curfew.

The Senator said that based on his 45-year experience, he is advising the prime minister to strictly enforce the SOPs before it is too late. He said that he has written three letters to the prime minister and today again he will be writing to him. He said that areas where coronavirus is more prevalent should be completely locked down immediately.

He added, “Currently there are two million people infected with coronavirus across the country and of the Prime Minister does not have complete information, I can provide him.”

He expressed that if the number of infected patients is increased with this rate, they will not find a place in hospitals for them as they neither have enough doctors nor places in hospitals. Senator A. Rehman Malik while expressing his dismay over the budget said that on one hand, people are worried due to the coronavirus and increase in poverty, while on the other hand, there is no relief for the people in the budget. He termed the budget as a pro-corona budget as nothing in it for the poor section of society.