After months of delay, the government has finally announced a relief package for doctors and other healthcare staff. With all medical professionals – from doctors and nurses to hospital administration and cleaning staff – putting their lives on the line on a daily basis to fight a virus that is only growing due to our general indifference, a relief package was sorely needed.

With infections now increasing by over 5000 daily, healthcare professionals need all the support they can receive from the state. Experts from all over the world have already pointed to the increased dangers of prolonged exposure to the virus compared to a small dose. This basically means that doctors are the ones under most threat, and yet still they are doing all they can to try and save as many lives as possible. We needed to do more for them than just sending them messages of support and hopefully, this package fulfils the needs of doctors across the country.

Apart from financial incentives such as income tax waivers and compensation packages, the relief measures include increased incentives to the private sector, beefed up security at hospitals, training of medical professionals and providing a support system. Most importantly however, prioritising the medical care of doctors and their families is a central feature.

This last point is the one that matters most in a country that stands to lose a substantial part of its medical fraternity if proper precautions are not taken now. Already, too many doctors have lost their lives. Each death basically burdens our healthcare system more. Our medical professionals have done all they can to prevent the undue loss of lives, it is our duty to now return the favour. If disbursed properly, this relief package will lead to some issues being resolved at the very least.