Islamabad - The Federal Government has proposed a national developmental outlay of Rs 1.324 trillion for the fiscal 2020-21.

The national developmental outlay of Rs 1.324 trillion includes the federal development outlay (PSDP) of Rs 650 billion and provincial development outlay (ADP) of Rs 674 billion.

The block allocations - under Finance division, which earlier used to be part of the federal developmental outlay - has now been removed from the PSDP 2020-21. In the current fiscal year 2019-20 total federal developmental outlay was Rs 701 and the block allocations of Rs 147. 987 billion was part of the PSDP.

In the PSDP 2019-20 the total allocations for Ministries/divisions, corporations and ERRA were Rs 553.013 billion which has now been increased to Rs 580 billion in fiscal 2020-21 and an addition Rs 70 billion was reflected for COVID-19 Responsive and Other Natural Calamities Programmes.

In the PSDP 2020-21 Rs 70 billion has been allocated for COVID-19 responsive and other Natural Calamities programme and Rs 3 billion for ERRA. Similarly, in the Fiscal 2017-18 the provincial ADP was Rs 1112 billion which has now been reduced to Rs 674 in the upcoming fiscal.

The proposed PSDP allocation for the ministries/divisions is the following; Aviation division Rs 1321.879 million, BOI Rs 80 million, Cabinet division Rs 47802.175 million. Climate change Rs 5000 million, Commerce Division Rs 103.500 million, communication division (other than NHA) has Rs 254.753 million, Defence division Rs 660.116 million and Defence production division Rs 1579.140 million.

Establishment division Rs 282.914 million, Federal education and professional training Rs 4526.096 million, Finance division Rs 66166.571 million and Foreign Affairs Division Rs 10.343 million, HEC Rs 29470 million, Housing and Works Division 8936.903 million, Human Rights division Rs 256 million, Industries and production Rs 800 million, Information and broadcasting Rs 360 million and Information technology and telecom division Rs 6672.984 million. Inter provincial Coordination Division Rs 929.492 million, and Interior Division Rs 14758.436 million.

National History & Literary Heritage Division Rs 194.740 million, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Rs 23297.437 million, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority Rs 350 million, Petroleum Division Rs 1786.160 million, Planning Development and Reforms Division Rs 3545.103 million, Poverty Division Rs 135 million, Railway Division Rs 24000 million, Revenue Division Rs 1697.068 million, Science and Technological Research Division Rs 4458.070 million, SUPARCO Rs 4975.000 million, Water sector Rs 81550 million.