GUJRANWALA - Two bomb explosions at two police stations in the wee hours on Saturday awoke the city in terror but only an accused was injured in the first blast. A boundary wall on the back of Sabzi Mandi police station collapsed after the explosion just before dawn which injured an accused Abu Bakar locked there. The city police was directed to search all police stations for avoiding any such incident as was happened last month. Meanwhile, PS Peoples Colony found a bomb planted at its outer boundary and aired a message for calling the Bomb Disposal Squad. The BDS revealed the bomb was a time device which would explode in ninety minutes. The police packed the spot with bags of sand to avoid any damage. The bomb exploded on time without any damage. It was told that both bombs were of 2kg. CPO GM Dogar said the attempts were to create panic in the society and demoralise police as well. Cases had been registered against the criminals and raids werekk being conducted for their arrests, he concluded.