The reaction of federal government against the latest ruling of apex court regarding the removal of Former Chairman NAB, Mr. Justice (R) Deedar Hussain Shah is not unexpected. The PPP government has been consistently in the combat mode against the judiciary right from the day they assumed office in February 2008. Whether it is the ruling about the NRO beneficiaries or the Supreme courts verdict regarding the 18th amendment, Pakistan Peoples Party has always been reacting quite aggressively. Even we the common people of Pakistan are running out of our patience on this foot-dragging. But there has always been a vivid sense of conflict of interest between the superior judiciary and the ruling party against every ruling or verdict. This situation is quite alarming in the sense that it may provoke civil disobedience among the masses who have already been victimized by the frustration and agony over a number of issues related to the rising food prices and national security. The question that arises here is that why a common man would respect the judiciary and the judicial verdicts since the government which is supposed to guard the sacredness of the courts has been sabotaging the judiciary and the judicial rulings? It is the first and the foremost responsibility of the government and all its associated institutions to avoid the conflict within the state pillars. Otherwise the clash of institutions would not only hurt our national interests rather it would lead to the replication of unrest in Middle East within our own streets and towns. ABDUR REHMAN MAANI, Lahore, March 11.