LAHORE Federal Law Minister Babar Awan has said executive powers cannot be transferred to any other institution since it will be contradictory to the Constitution of Pakistan. While addressing PPP workers at the residence of Azizur Rehman Chan here on Saturday, belligerent Babar said elected representatives were the actual administrators of the country, while any other 'order would be violation of the Constitution. The constitutional procedure for executive cannot be changed, he said, arguing the presidential office political like that of India, Iran, Afghanistan and the United States. He narrated the procedure of presidents election to bring the point that the 'politically elected president can be political in its bearing. On the occasion, he launched bitter diatribe against the PML-N government and the partys leadership. He criticised CM Shahbaz Sharif for proposing army-judiciary involvement for resolving issues, which, he said, was asking for 'judicial martial law in the country. It is nothing new since he (Shahbaz) has a routine of previous years of involving army for desiltation, schools and monitoring electric meters, he observed, while dispelling the impression of all-prevalent disappointment among the people. Restoration of judges, NFC Award and 18th Amendment are achievements of the PPP-led government, but some people are trying to take credit for these, he hinted at the Sharifs. Awan further said media coverage of the Punjab Assembly was denied, and his party would ensure freedom of the media at every cost. The real problem is the upcoming senate polls, and the PML-N is 'preparing for expected defeat by using undemocratic means and tactics, he observed. He also pointed out that more than 275,000 students could not take examination in Punjab due to the non-provision of roll number slips, which, he said, was an example of bad governance.