RAS JDIR (Reuters/AFP) Libyan government forces attacked the town of Misrata on Saturday, trying to retake the last remaining rebel holdout in the west of the country, rebels and residents told Reuters. Rebels beat a further retreat on Saturday under air strikes and shellfire from Moamer Gaddafis forces, even as an Arab League decision to back a no-fly zone boosted their uprising. The outgunned anti-regime fighters struggled to set up a new defensive line 30 kilometres further east along a coastal road towards Brega. Diplomats in Cairo said the Arab League in crisis talks came out in support of plans to impose a no-fly zone over Libya and decided to make contact with the rebels provisional national council. They are trying to get into Misrata, they are now 10 km away, rebel spokesman Gemal said by telephone. We are hearing shelling. We have no choice but to fight, he said.