ISLAMABAD 8th Annual Conference on Infectious Diseases The Age of Superbugs; Facts and Solutions was organised by Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan (IDSP) in collaboration with The International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC) on Saturday. It is heartening that IDSP has been in the forefront of tackling infectious diseases (ID) issues in Pakistan. I am fully aware of the admirable efforts and events conducted by IDSP to enhance medical knowledge and clinical skills of medical practitioners, family physicians, infectious disease specialists, microbiologists and other medical and paramedical professionals, while addressing the conference, Dr Asad Hafeez, Director General Health said. Dr Altaf Ahmed, President IDSP, Director Laboratory Services & Consultant Microbiologists, The Indus Hospital Korangi Karachi and Dr Ejaz Khan, Gen. Secretary IDSP and Chairperson of Organising Committee, Consultant Pediatrician, Shifa International Hospital were among the panellists in the conference. The participating speakers for the conference were Prof Kurt Naber, Associate Prof of Urology of Munich, Dr. Lars Kocherscheidt, Hain Lifescience GMBH, Hardwiesenstrass, Germany, Brig. Parvez Ahmed, Consultant Hematologist Armed Forces BMT Centre, Rawalpindi, Dr Salman Siddiqui, Consultant Mycobacteriologist, USA, Prof. Naveed Khan, Chair, Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, AKU, Prof Sajid Maqbool, Professor Emeritus, Children Hospital, Lahore and Prof. Ashraf Sultan, King Edward Medical University/ Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Dr Altaf Ahmed while addressing the conference said that, IDSP is holding its 8th conference at Islamabad with the objective to discuss way forward to meet these challenges in Pakistan. The emergence of antibiotic resistance is further complicated by the fact that bacteria and their resistance genes are travelling faster and further. We are facing not only epidemics but pandemics of antibiotic resistance i.e. airlines carry passengers, worldwide distribution of foods, poor hygiene in hospitals and community, augmenting the rapid spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria is vulnerable in populations. Over the last many years we have achieved significant milestones such as rabies awareness, infection control, immunisation campaigns and hand hygiene among the school children, said Dr Ejaz Khan. Infectious disease is the single most cause that creates havoc among the population. This is to be tackled through awareness, followed by intervention only, he added. The conference consisted of four workshops i.e. Antibiotics Use & Abuse in Common Infections, Patient Safety in Hospitals and Biosafety Issues, Modalities of Diagnostic Mycobacteriology and Role of Nurses in Infection Control.