KARACHI - The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has started to receive improved supply of gas from Saturday morning and simultaneously it has reverted to the normal power supply plan. While industrial areas have totally been exempted from loadshedding as before, the additional half hour of loadshedding has also been removed from the residential and commercial areas. According to utility official, now the KESC is again supplying non-stop electricity to all industrial zones of the City. In medium loss residential and commercial areas, the usual three spells of load shedding of one hour each have been restored while in high loss areas, the duration of each spell is 1.5 hours as usual. He said the KESC has been receiving erratic gas supply all along the outgoing winter season which at times compelled the power utility to increase load shedding timings from normal when gas supply was brought down to low level. Currently, with the gradual rise in mercury every passing day, the City need of electricity will grow which would increase the gas requirement of KESC for meeting the demand, he informed.