LAHORE The purpose of creation of Pakistan could be achieved only by acting upon the Objective Resolution, the spirit of the Constitution, and no other constitution in the world offers security to minorities equal to the one offered in the Objective Resolution. Speakers addressing a sitting at the Aiwane Karkunan Tehrike Pakistan on Saturday also said that the country was achieved for making it the laboratory of Islam where Muslims could live according to golden principles of Islam. TheNation Editor-in-Chief and Nazria Pakistan Trust Chairman Majid Nizami said that former East Pakistan was separated from Pakistan because We ignored the purpose of the creation of Pakistan. That was our negligence that we have lost a part of the country. Former Federal Shariat Court Chief Justice Mian Mehboob Ahmad, NPT Vice-Chairman Prof Dr Rafique Ahmad and Maulana Muhammad Aslam Saleemi also addressed. Majid Nizami said it was our duty to follow the spirit of the Objective Resolution, which broadly covers the purpose behind the creation of the country. He added: The current situation of Pakistan is not hidden from anyone, and to get rid of the crises, we must seek help from the Resolution. Mian Mehboob said the Objectives Resolution was the first constitutional document that proved to be the foundation of the constitutional developments. This resolution widely described the ways that how should Pakistani Muslim spend their lives. The resolution stressed upon the mutual respect among humanity and 'we must discard the things which aim to hurt the minorities. The Quaid had described the Holly Quran as the real constitution of Pakistan and 'we must adopt the same, he added. Dr Rafique Ahmad criticized 'those scholars who misled the people of Pakistan about the Islamic identity of the country. He said the Objective Resolution was an important document and every political worker must study it. Molana Saleem said that in a time when the rulers have been bowing before America, the need was to further highlight the Resolution which, he added, stressed to bow only before Allah Almighty. Those who spoke on the occasion included Prof Humyon Ahsan, Prof Parveen Khan, Brig (rtd) Zafar Iqbal Chaudhary, Dr M.A Soofi, Chaudhary Bashir Ahmad Advocate and Waqar Ahmad Mian. STUDENTS VISIT AKTP: The students of the Government College for Women Mustafaabad on a study tour on Saturday visited the Aiwane Karkunan Tehrike Pakistan and saw Pakistan Movement Gallery. A ceremony was organized to inform the students about Pakistan Movement. Meanwhile, Nazria Pakistan Trusts Mobile Ideological Unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 led by their coordinators Prof Saeed Shaikh, Abdus Salam, Nadeem Raza and Naeem Aslam visited Skills College Mughalpura, Government Girls High School Nabipark, Al-hayat School of Education Haloko and Government Primary School Bada respectively. Prof Aftab Ahmad, Rehana Akhtar, Ms Robina and Jamil Ahsan addressed the ceremonies held in above said institutions. The students were awarded prizes in quiz competitions and over correct recitation of Allama Iqbals verses. Sets of books were given to schools libraries.