ISLAMABAD - It seems that the city managers have not learnt any lesson from authoritys history, as they continue appointing the officers on the gazetted posts, who dont have relevant experiences but strong political references, in most lucrative Lands and Estate Management Directorates of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The Lands and Rehabilitation and Estate Management Directorates of the authority are considered as 'moneymaking departments among the officers. The two most recent scams involving billions of rupees corruption also surfaced in the aforementioned directorates, where corrupt deputationists, having no experience of land matters made millions and caused huge loss to the authority. Four officials, who are serving the said directorates of the authority and are on key posts do not possess any experience of revenue related matters. But all of them have strong political references. One Waqar Ali Khan, a DMG-cadre official of grade 18, is given two key posts including Director Lands and Director Estate Management II. Then another DMG-cadre official of grade 18, Sayyada Shafaq Hashmi, is currently serving as Deputy Director Lands and Rehabilitation. In a similar fashion, a National Assembly Secretariat grade-18 official Sajjad Ali Shah is serving as Deputy Director Estate Management II, while a grade-16 Punjab Public Service official Malik Abid has been given current charge of grade 18 and posted against Deputy Director Lands. An official confided that it is also a violation of deputation policy, as an authority or department sought the services of any officer for his/her expertise in a specific domain. But contrary to the fact all the abovementioned officials do not have any experience of lands and estate management related issues, where they have been deputed. And they all are politically recommended officials. The background conversations with the officials of the Lands and Estate Management Directorates officials revealed that even the routine work progress sometimes was hampered owing to the ignorance of such deputationists. Quoting an example, an official said, though more than two months lapsed but the said directorates have not yet initiated the revalidation process of the cancelled allotment letters of Kuri Model Village. Earlier, 3961 allotment letters were cancelled by the Chairman CDA after irregularities were found in issuance of the allotment letters. In near past a politically recommended Director Lands Dr Waseem Shamshad was found involve in a large-scale corruption scam. Waseem Shamshad, an officer of DMG-cadre, who joined the authority around two years ago on deputation for a period of three years, played havoc with CDAs revenue records as he issued almost more than thousand allotment letters to the absolutely undeserving claimants in Kurri Model Village. He was also found involve in allotment of most lucrative agro farms by violating defined rules and procedures. Once again, the CDA Chairman took notice and cancelled eight allotted and 12 under process cases of the agro farms and ordered internal inquiry into the matter. But once again the in-competency of incumbent officials of lands and estate directorates, running by deputationists having no revenue related experience, is witnessed as so far they could not succeed to compile a comprehensive report on the issue. The internal audit directorate of the authority hinted at the corrupt practices involving allotment of agro farms caused loss of Rs180 million to the authority.