The ruckus in the Punjab Assembly on Friday had all the hallmarks of an unarmed combat perpetrated by PPP and PML-Q members and makes a mockery of democracy and, indeed, reflects poorly on the state of leadership we have. The House kept resounding with slogans of PPP and PML-Q parliamentarians criticising the PML-N for horse trading. Indeed such was the bedlam that it would not be an exaggeration to state that it reminded one of street urchins indulging in hooliganism. While shouting at the top of their voices, lawmakers of these two parties forgot the fact that it were a majority of members of the PML-Q itself that parted ways with its parent body and decided to look for some other party. Their reason for breaking up with the parent party like lack of confidence in the leadership of Chaudhry brothers cannot be ignored nor can the fact that their ranks have now almost swelled to the size where, they have the parliamentary right to decide their own course and join or form whatever party they like. Leader of the Unification Bloc Dr Tahir Ali Javed rightly criticised the manner in which the Punjab Assembly was turned into a fish market and stated that the PPP had joined the protest with PML-Q because of the removal of its ministers from the Punjab government. His objection that the reason why PPP ministers joined the PML-Q in their uncivilised protests was because of the loss of perks and privileges they had been enjoying during the past three years is justified. The PPP must also not forget that the soon the President would be addressing a joint session of the Parliament and that the fallout of its actions in the Punjab Assembly as well as badmouthing the PML-N in a wild manner will definitely have its impact in the National Assembly at that time. Hence, it threatens to become a zero-sum game in national politics that would greatly hurt the country by diverting attention from issues that deserve leaderships immediate attention.