They have been in power for three years, having been elected and yet not reconciled to the fact that there are certain rules that even elected men have to follow. With power comes responsibility to appoint men on merit, in accordance with letter and spirit of the constitution and the high traditions of public accountability practiced by parliamentary democracies all over the world. The PPP has done more damage to its image by such appointments given their choice of men to head NICL, PIA, PASSCO, OGRA, NAB, NHA etc. However the fact that much of the elected constitutional office holders want to assume powers of a monarch is a fallacy that the system cannot allow under any circumstances. The unwise decision on the part of the sitting elected government to go to the streets and protest the removal of NAB chairman is a sad reflection on the immaturity of those who have adopted this path of confrontation. It is time the PPP starts performing as a responsible government, which has obligations to follow the constitution and be seen to be custodian and protector of this constitution. It can no longer afford to behave like an opposition party while it holds power in Islamabad. Public funds and state assets have to be accounted for and handled in accordance with laid down rules in existence and not at the sole discretion of those given the task of being elected custodians of the people's trust. Any breach of trust or abuse of power is strictly forbidden under the constitution, which debars an individual to exercise any power or undue favour to an individual which compromises the right of another individual or group of people. The President, the PM, federal ministers, governors or chief ministers, cannot appoint men to hold constitutional offices, who do not conform to the requirements of the office that they hold. The office of Chairman NAB is one such office. The individual appointed should be independent of political affiliations, and be seen to bring to accountability all those accused of causing financial damage to the state exchequer, or semi autonomous corporations owned by the state. Unfortunately the outgoing chairman NAB does not qualify for the position. GULL ZAMAN, Peshawar, March 11.