I feel the public opinion is being moulded in a subtle way by the government, and some 'intellectuals' in the favour of releasing Raymond since he otherwise could not be granted diplomatic immunity. Raymond is noordinary 'consultant' as is evident from the waythe entire US government machinery including President Obama is acting in this desperate manner to get him off the hook. It almost appears the USA, with her immense political influence andbillions of dollars can pressurise or buy anyone, including the families of the murdered who are being obliquely preached about the Islamic laws of Diayt and Qassas also. Swapping of Raymond with Dr. Afia is another possibility being talked about. One wonders what is so mysteriousabout Raymond that the USA government is so keen to get him out of Pakistan at the earliest. Does he know too much to be in the strangers hands? Sen. Kerry would not hop around half of the world just for some ordinary US consultant and try with everyone who matters here for his immediate release. From what is said and read about him in the media, there is little doubt that Raymond was in Pakistan on a very important and highly sensitive mission. It is being speculated that he was the mastermind behind the blasts in Pakistan especially on the religious and sectarian occasions and places. Strangely, the drone attacks too have reduced from the day Raymondwas arrested as he was dispossessed of his spy gear like satellite phones, wireless sets, cameras and telescopes, weapons and ammunitions etc. If Raymond is that important and the US that keen to secure his return then it is a golden opportunity for the rulers of Pakistan to regain their lost popularity.They should rise to the occasion and not yield to any pressures or temptations.Let the law take its own course and more importantly, the justice must not be tempered with. The entire nation will stand like a rock behind the government. COL. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, March 10.