LAHORE Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has maintained that the present assemblies are bogus since these have been elected because of 45 per cent fake votes, the percentage pointed by the Election Commission of Pakistan. He was addressing a gathering here on Saturday organised to mark the occasion of joining the PTI by leaders of traders, which included Mujahid Hussain Mirza, Inamul Haq Saleem, Agha Mazhar and others. Optimistic about revolution in Pakistan, Imran Khan took flak at the PML-N and the PPP by asserting that leaders of both parties were actualising their own interests, and were doing nothing for the countrymen. The N-League hijacked revolution twice one by participating in the dictator-sponsored elections (February 18, 2008); second by returning back to Lahore from Gujranwalla, he mentioned, while substantiating his point of view that both parties would never permit breaking of the status quo. How can they be sincere to Pakistan when their wealth is in other countries and they dont pay taxes? he raised a question. Imran Khan wanted that the government should rely on national natural resources instead of getting more debts from the international donor agencies.