A news report published in the media exposes the heartless nature of our legislators who continue with their extravagant lifestyles at a time when a large chunk of the population is finding it hard to make ends meet. The sight of expensive and luxurious cars - Mercedes Benzes, BMWs, Land Cruisers and Humvees in the parking lot of the parliament house is shocking and seem to mock at the sentiments of the poor and needy people of Pakistan. Moreover, the news that the legislators who have been voted into power rejected the use of second-hand cars is also deplorable. This flamboyant attitude does not suit the leaders of a poor, third world country whose economy is buckling under the financial crunch and a massive debt amounting to Rs 8.89 trillion It is high time the countrys legislators think beyond their self-interest and lead by example by putting into practice the much talked about austerity drive It is worth mentioning that while our politicians drive in classy, bullet-proof cars, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the simple and austere Iranian President is well-known for driving a 33-year-old Peugeot 504 Recently Ahmadinejad auctioned his car for $1million with the intention of utilizing the money from the sale for building 60,000 homes for the disabled and needy women Maybe its asking too much: When will our legislators follow suit? ZAINAB IHSAN, Lahore, March 10.