This refers to recent comment of Chaudhry Nisar – Opposition Leader in National Assembly belonging to PML-N on private TV channel regarding majority based decision of Election Commission of Pakistan on Ms Waheeda Shah. I hereby strongly condemn Chaudhry Nisar for his objectionable comment on decision of the Commission by giving it ethnic colour to the dissidents’ two votes belonging to Sindh. This is not for the first time that Chaudhry Nisar has done this. In the past, he had some sort of objections on some Sindhi speaking people presently working against some important posts in government.

I suggest Chaudhry Nisar to desist from passing such comments against Sindhi speaking people in future otherwise people of Sindh would be justified to ask him and his leader Nawaz Sharif: Name at least single mega development project their two governments had ever completed in Sindh during the two tenures of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister? Give us reason why two mega development projects launched by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in Sindh were abandoned by successor Nawaz Sharif’s governments like Thar Coal Projects and Keti Bunder project?


Karachi, March 12.