LAHORE – The talented youth of Punjab took the country to the Guinness World Records setting another set of six records in the Punjab Youth Festival on Tuesday.
GWR Adjudicator Carlos Martinez arrived late on Monday to adjudicate the event. Last year, Pakistani youth set 11 records.
Talking to the reporters, Martinez expressed his delight to be in Lahore to adjudicate Guinness World Records. “It’s in our DNA to set records in the world and I congratulate the Punjab Youth Festival organisers for setting a field for new GWRs. I wish them best of luck.”
In hockey passes, the 11-member team comprising Faisal Rasheed (Sheikhupura), Hafiz Saeedul Hassan (Hafizabad), Hassaan Ubaid, Shah Rukh Tariq, M Waseem Sarwar, Ali Raza (Punjab University), Ali Butt (PTV), Sultan Ashraf (Pakistan Steel), Awaisur Rehman (PHF Academy), M Azfar Yaqoob (PIA) and Atif Baig (Police) set a world record of 43 passes in one minute.
The team set the record in their third attempt after there were fouls in their previous two attempts in which they made 46 and 45 passes respectively while the GWR set at least 30 passes in a minute to be attempted and the hockey team of the SBP easily passed the mark.
In the second GWR attempt, the farthest dribbling of the hockey ball was done by the same bunch of players with only one change in which Ali Butt was rested and Sarfraz was sent in to complete the record in three minutes.
They all carried the ball dribbling to a distance of 979.2 metres when Guinness set 600 metres distance as the minimum space for them to cover.
M Rashid of Karachi opened 40 bottles caps with his head in one minute as he broke the previous record of 24 set by Germany’s Ahmed Tafzi.
In the largest sequins mosaic record, M Salim Amin created a record making a picture of Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif measuring 6.2 square metres using 325,000 sequins surpassing the previous record of 2mx3m mosaic having 300,000 sequins set by students in Hungary.
In the most number of continuous badminton passes in one minute, M Wajid and Atique set 123 continuous passes record while the target of 30 passes was set by GWR.
And in the last attempt of kicking coconuts off the heads in one minute, M Rashid created his second and the day’s sixth record by kicking 50 coconuts down from the head of people standing in a round.