MQM is a strange political party. Though they were in power since last eleven years no one is clear as to their political inclination. As per their history, they joined hands with a dictator, obviously, for the sake of democracy and people of Pakistan and later they were with PPP led coalition for four years and 11 months for the same reason. A few days back they decided to quit the government alliance once again purely on ‘principles’. We all know that they did this to ensure they have a say in nominating the caretaker set-up at provincial level.

I would like to convey to MQM leadership that the people of Pakistan are not fools anymore. They know that MQM has no principle except for staying in power by any means. We all know that you are a major part of a failed coalition and remember that people would reject you along with PPP in the upcoming elections. MQM did nothing for Karachi which they consider their personal property. Theatre of war can hardly be described as peace while there is neither electricity nor any commerce for the last five years; things have gone from bad to worse.


Fateh Jang, March 2.