THARPARKAR- Thirty more children were admitted to the hospital due to scarcity of food in the drought-hit Tharparkar district of Sindh. Rescue operation are delayed due to the rough terrain,  while rescue teams haven’t reached Kitaar, Jitrad, Kesrad and several other villages of Tharparkar .
According to the reports, around 300 people are undergoing treatment in local hospitals of the district. However, the health situation is improving in the rural areas of Tharparkar and fewer are migrating out to the towns. Sindh government has removed its provincial ministers of relief and revenue Makhdoom Jamil-u-Zaman, minister for Livestock & Fisheries Jam Khan Shoro and Relief Commissioner Lala Fazal-ur-Rehman because of the draught in Thar. According to sources, Makhdoom Jamil-u-Zaman Jam Khan Shoro and the Relief Commissioner have been removed from their posts for not being able to cope with the relief work efficiently in the famine-hit Tharparkar .