ISLAMABAD- Dr Imran Munir, a key eye witness in Masood Janjua missing person case has said  that he is ready to give his live video link statement before Supreme Court (SC) and not to or through anyone else in the said case.

He said this in an e-mail message sent by him from Sri Lanka.

Dr Imran said he is fully cognizant of Masood Janjua case adding he enjoys the status of convention refugee under the 1951 United Nations (UN) Convention Refugee and its 1967 protocol. His life and freedom is fully protected under this convention.

He stated that he cannot return to Pakistan as he fears he may be involved allegedly in litigation. Therefore, he will not meet with any officer or responsible person of federation of Pakistan, he added.

UN charter does not oblige any order from any court, federation or institutions of any country including Pakistan, he held. "Therefore, I make it clear that I will not meet any one on behalf of government of Pakistan because I don't trust any of them due to the known reasons and established facts. I am no more a citizen of Pakistan because Interior Ministry has revoked my citizenship and passport on behalf of ISI.” he said but I still love Pakistan and respect the Supreme Court.

"I would like to give my video link statement directly to SC and not to or through anyone else, he held.

Advocate General Mustafa Ramday presented this mail before a Three-member bench of SC led by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja. The court had called IT experts and sought reply from them in connection with recording of statement through video link. The experts had declared it easy job and SC upon it had issued orders for making arrangements for video link.