Faizan Javed


The second day of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week proved to be better than the first one. The business of fashion was more promising and entertaining. The audience at the event included the fashion forward people of Lahore and the serious business people who had come to watch the latest trends in the industry.

Top designers including Nomi Ansari, Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio, Sania Maskatiya, MAHGUL, Nickie Nina and Karma Pink enthralled the audience with their new collections.

This year the fashion week is for four days, which is testimony to the fact that the industry is growing at a fast pace. It was difficult to showcase all the aspiring designers in the usual three day event.

The PFDC has come a long way in uniting all the designers and building this platform to promote Pakistan’s textile industry and expand the retail industry. It is not just couture that makes it the hall mark of this fashion week but it is prêt and the highly impressive casual wear also. It is manifestation of PFDC’s commitment promote young talent too while highlighting what the top designers have to offer.

The most important thing is that the clothing trends at this fashion week show that our industry is not just confined to cater to people in Pakistan but our designers are eyeing the global market. The designers have presented the fashion forecast for long hot summer months.

This year top models are showcasing the creations of designers including Fia, Areeba Habib, Mehreen Syed, Cybil Chaudhry.

Karma Pink

Day-2’s finale was presented by premier designer label Karma Pink’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection titled ‘Studio54’. Inspired by the disco era, the collection comprised of sixteen women’s wear pieces and is based in a diverse colour palette which ranges from white to black and all monochromatic shades in between and colour in the embellishments provides the pop.

Nomi Ansari

Day-2 was opened by Karachi based designer Nomi Ansari who showcased his luxury prét collection titled “Joyride”. The collection takes inspiration from the present, a vibrant reflection of what is happening around us in the moment and celebrates the vibrancy that comes with today’s fast paced environment. Renowned television and music personality Junaid Khan walked the ramp as the brand’s celebrity showstopper.

Ali Xeeshan

Ali xeeshan collection was up next with his collection titled Voodoo. The collection derived its inspiration from a journey from the lowest level of darkness to the highest point of joy. Summer jackets, leg of mutton sleeves and 70’s influenced bottoms were the trends to look out for in this collection.

Sania Maskatiya

Following Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio, the acclaimed designer label Sania Maskatiya revealed their signature geometrics featuring a fresh boldness in both abstraction and simplification, paying homage to the angular elegance of the Art Deco movement with their new collection ‘Décorer’.

The new collection showcased in the Luxury/Prêt segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week featured contrasting multifaceted motifs, from the stark to the sublime, with streamlined silhouettes. ‘Décorer’ marries the eclectic to the traditional, using rich hues and lavish ornamentation.


Mahgul introduced its new brand ORO with a collection titled “The Indus Society”. The collection is conceptual in its inspiration: it conceives a clan of imaginary women; women who are fierce, majestic, almost drawing on these within an animalistic context.

In this same vein, the collections’ colours and embellishments are inspired from animal skins, their patterns and a study of their anatomy, manifest in the form of heavy embroideries and prints, engaging quilting and laser cut techniques to showcase a collection that is inherently lounge/sports luxe in nature.

Nickie Nina

Nickie Nina’s collection was titled ‘FLECHAZO’ (Love at first sight). Inspired by the rich culture of Spanish Metadora’s, their strength featured luxe fabrics such as organza and raw silk fabrics used with a very slump and constructive cuts style along with Spanish inspired 3 dimensional embellishments.

Television personality Mira Sethi walked the ramp as the brand’s celebrity showstopper.