islamabad - A number of Cleft lip or cleft palate kids were operated upon here at a free health camp that was organized by Islamabad Cleft Lip and Plate Association (ICLAPA).

The surgery was conducted by a group by Pakistani doctors on volunteer basis, President of ICLAPA M Aftab said here on Saturday.

In a statement issued here, he said such medical facilities are being provided to affected children on regular basis, enabling them to live a normal life.

The Association has also decided to build a specialized hospital for the general treatment of children along with post-care health facilities. Its construction work could be started as soon as they get a proper piece of land. A committee has been formed to acquire the land as a donation or on reasonable payment, he added.

It is engaged in this task for last many years. The ICLAPA also offers services, such as instructing mothers as how to feed newborns with cleft lips and cleft palate, besides providing speech therapy and dental treatment of patients.

It was also trying to create awareness among the general public about these congenital defects. He hoped that well-to-do people will come forward to support the organization to serve ailing humanity.

The Association comprises a group of volunteers working for this noble cause.

The plastic surgery camp examines and treats registered patients from all regions of Pakistan. The registration is carried out all around the year. The experts regularly check previously operated and treated patients.

In Islamabad, the free camp is organized at the residence of

Associations Focal person Prof Farhat Akhtar Rehman (House 7, street 13, F-8/3). Contact numbers: 051-2251276, 0335157676.

It may be mentioned here that out of every 530 live births, one

Pakistani child is born with a cleft lip or a cleft palate, or both who could be cured with timely proper care.

Delay in timely treatment of cleft lip and palate patients leads to further complication. Such patients need to be treated at a very early stage age 3-4 months.