islamabad - The role of family courts judges is very important in saving families from breakup and it is very sensitive and onerous responsibility.

Justice Ashraf Jahan, a judge of Federal Shariat Court, expressed these views in a certificate awarding ceremony at the conclusion of two different training courses on “management of family cases for female judges of the family courts from all over Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan” and “two-week capacity building training for FJA Staff“ here at the Academy yesterday.

She said proper pre-trial guidance and counselling of the estranged couples can save a noble institution of family from breakup, adding due to complex and multidimensional nature of family cases, family court judges must possess additional knowledge, skills and qualities, which are not required by their colleagues who handle other case types.

A family court judge must not only have a deep understating of law but they also have profound understanding of innate wisdom, psychology and sociology to save families in society, she further said.

Justice Ashraf Jahan advised the judges that their passion should lead them to their purpose. “You always get what you focus on. Discourage delaying tactics used by the parties in family related cases. Always keep in your mind that there is a great reward for those judges who give the right and judicious decisions and similarly there is a severe punishment for those who give wrong and unjust decisions.”

Appreciating the capacity building training for the staff of the Academy, the FSC judge said that one small step at a time consistently creates monumental results. Every training has something to learn or at least puts trainees on the way to learn more and more for self-improvement. She wished that such kind of trainings should be a regular feature for the officers and staff members of the Academy to enhance their efficiency.

In the end, the first female judge of the Federal Shariat Court awarded certificates to 26 female judges of family courts and 20 officers and other members of the Federal Judicial Academy in the ceremony.