ISLAMABAD - MQM will try its best to avoid discussing topics related to their former colleague Mustafa Kamal’s allegations against Altaf Hussain in the upcoming National Assembly session to be started from tomorrow (Monday).

The upcoming session, likely to continue till end of March, will witness debate on plethora of matters, including downfall of cricket team and continuous rise in inflation in recent months and PIA privatisation.

The opposition parties excluding MQM have already submitted call-attention notices in the National Assembly Secretariat to debate almost all these issues in the session.

The MQM unlike previous session showed less interest in the business of National Assembly proceeding by not submitting any call-attention or adjournment motion to discuss it in the house.

“The MQM has so far adopted a strategy to remain silent on Mustafa Kamal’s allegations in and outside the parliament,” said party sources. The party members will also avoid discussing former mayor Mustafa Kamal’s topic in the National Assembly.

Talking to The Nation, MQM’s Ali Raza Abidi said his party members will not comment much on Mustafa Kamal’s issue. “MQM has faced such kind of challenges in past. Allegations against his party have always proved wrong,” he added.

Party sources said that almost all the party workers, including senior members have received a special instruction to avoid commenting on Mustafa Kamal’s allegations in future at any level.

Party members, according to planning, had only once responded to Mustafa Kamal’s allegations after his first press against their chief Altaf Hussain.

Mustafa Kamal after staying away from politics for some years initiated A new debate in political arena by creating dent in MQM.