KARACHI - The first ever Pakistan edition of the Red Bull Neymar Jr's Five kicked-off here at the Rahat Football Stadium. On the opening day of the Karachi leg, football clubs and teams from various parts of the city thronged to the venue in order to get a first taste of the action packed tournament. Day one of the qualifiers round witnessed players from some of the city's most prominent football teams put their heart and soul into making their respective team win. Nizari FC, North Nazimabad FC, Neymareus and KS United to name a few were highlight of the first day. The first round of the qualifiers round kicked off with group matches. During this stage some intense, hard hitting and action packed drama was witnessed on ground. In the end from Group A, 'Nizari FC' and 'North Nazimabad FC' will now proceed to the next round whereas from Group B, 'Neymareus' and 'KS United' will now move to the next round. In this unique concept, which is a brainchild of Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr, the team conceding a goal loses a player each time. The team, that loses all its players or maximum number of players in the match, is declared losers. The winners of the national finals (Pakistan chapter) are going to represent the country in the world final that will be played in the Brazilian city of Santos, the home town of Neymar Jr.