The Chief Minister Monitoring Force officers protested here on Saturday against the alleged misbehaviour of District Monitoring Officer Bushra Naseer and her illegal order to counterfeit schools’ record to show 100 percent presence of teachers and students.

Talking to the media in front of Jhang Press Club, Punjab Monitoring Association District President M Arshed said that the DMO and Senior Data Processor Sohail Talib usually used harsh words and misbehaved the monitoring and evaluation assistants. Earlier, a meeting of officers of Education Department and MEAs had been held in the office of District Monitoring Officer Jhang.

During meeting, Bushra forced MEAs to show 100 percent attendance of students and teachers in district Jhang because she wants to show her good performance before higher authorities. However, the MEAs refused to obey her orders at the spot at which she flared up and she insulted them. She exchanged harsh word with them and she threatened them if they did not show bogus 100 percent attendance of students and teachers of district Jhang, she would not extend their contracts and throw them out of department.

Arshed further said that Senior Data Processor Sohail Talib also misbehaved with them and he usually threw papers at their mouth and did not allow them to enter his office. He is a corrupt official and is involved in bribe, Arshad alleged, saying that he was the right hand of DMO.

All the MEAs of district Jhang protested against DMO and SDP Jhang and they have boycotted to visit schools and hospitals of Jhang. They demanded that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif should transfer DMO Bushra Naseer and SDP Sohail Talib from Jhang and launch inquiry against them.