LAHORE - JUI-S head Maulana Samiul Haq yesterday revealed that the Taliban assisted government in the recovery of slain Punjab governor Salman Taseer’s son Shahbaz Taseer.

Sami who is also considered the father of Taliban made this revelation during a media talk at Jamia Ashrafia where he offered for Maulana Ubaidullah.

“Yes, Taliban assisted the government in securing the release of Shahbaz Taseer,” he said in reply to a question.

Shahbaz was recovered on Tuesday from Kachlak area of Balochistan. He was kidnapped some four and half years ago from Lahore just after months of his father Salman Taseer murder. His kidnapping and recovery enshrouded in mystery as no one has so far claimed. Sami however tried to clear the doubts about Shahbaz’ recovery though he did not name any of group involved in the crime.

He criticised the government on execution of Mumtaz Qadri and passing a woman safety law. He said the people of Pakistan would never allow the government to amend blasphemy law and asked Punjab government to take back the women bill.