GUATEMALA CITY - The death toll in a horrific fire at a government-run children’s shelter in has climbed to 40, after another girl succumbed to her injuries, officials in Guatemala said on Sunday.

The girls perished in a blaze Wednesday at the co-ed Virgin of the Assumption Safe Home for children in San Jose Pinula, a village just east of the capital. The fire broke out in the girls’ living quarters of the walled facility, killing 19 immediately. Others died hours or days later, after being gravely injured with serious burns. All of the victims were girls aged 14 to 17, officials said. The blaze was believed to have been set by girls protesting dire conditions they were subjected to at the shelter, including sexual abuse and other mistreatment by staff.

Hundreds of protesters rallied outside the residence of President Jimmy Morales, alleging that government negligence at the overcrowded facility where staffers were accused of sexual and other abuse allowed the tragedy to happen. Some of the protesters carried blue and white Guatemalan flags stained with red to symbolize blood and death.