Islamabad-Beaconhouse successfully hosted an event ‘A World of Tomorrow’ at the Pak-China Friendship Centre here in Islamabad. More than 140 speakers took part in 42 sessions that covered five dimensions i.e. A Digital Future, A Balanced Future, An Inclusive Future, A Safer Future and An Expressive Future. Altogether the SOT events aimed to ‘Re-imagine the Future of Humanity’ through these powerful and mind-opening sessions with many motivational and influential speakers from around the world.  

With discussions on topics such as ‘Cities of Tomorrow’, ‘Future of Schooling’, ‘Smart Technology is Making us Un-smart’, ‘CPEC and the Future of the Region’, ‘Art Without Boundaries’, ‘Fashion for the Future’ and the ‘Good, Bad and Ugly of Social Media’ by speakers like Dr Lawrence Burke, Lesley Hazelton, Kamila Shamsie, Sana Mir, Jehan Ara, Tina Sani, Fasi Zaka, Badar Khushnood and many more enlightened all those who were attending and following them live. Sessions on each day ended with entertainment in the form of a Mind Reading Interactive session by Shaheer Khan, a comedy session by Shafaat Ali, a Mushaira and Puppetry by Farooq Qaisar. The event kicked off on the 11th of March to a full house.