ISLAMABAD -  The affectees of One Constitution Avenue have decided to challenge the Islamabad High Court verdict in which it had turned down a petition of the BNP Group against cancelation of lease of its plot by the Capital Development Authority.

In this regard, the affectees on Sunday held a meeting to devise a strategy after the judgment given by the IHC judge, Justice Athar Minallah, and decided to file an intra-court appeal (ICA) against the verdict.

Former chief justice of Pakistan Justice (retd) Nasirul Mulk, Admiral (retired) Nouman Bashir, National Assembly Standing Committee for Overseas Pakistanis Chairman Amir Magsi, Minister Jam Kamal Khan, former foreign secretary Salman Bashir, Babar Sattar and many other affectees, particularly overseas Pakistanis attended the meeting.

The participants expressed their serious reservations over the judgment saying that there are inconsistencies in the judgment and it is one-sided.

They said that a lot of material in the judgment was never argued.

Further, they all agreed that an extraneous consideration was taken for One Constitution Avenue.

They were of the opinion that the consequences of this judgment are not limited to just this project but also for all the projects to come.

They maintained that the judgment was equally against the CDA, the BNP and third parties; however it takes away assets from the third parties and the BNP, and gives it back to the CDA.

They added that the CDA had benefitted from its own negligence and discriminatory act of the CDA was visible as it was a case of self-incrimination. How can the affectees and developer be punished, they question.

They stated that all of the affectees, including overseas Pakistanis were determined to fight to claim their assets back through the courts and for this purpose they had decided to file an Intra Court Appeal (ICA) soon in this matter.