The session “ Story Telling through dance: The Kathak”  at Hall 1 highlighted the journey of the versatile Rehan Bashir- Kathak performer, visual artist and fashion designer at House of Kamiar Rokni.

Speaking about his experience in Kathak dance he said that these words Kathak as a performing art survived as an oral tradition, learnt and innovated from one generation to another verbally and through practice. “I have learnt a lot from my Guru Nahid Siddiqui and to be her student is a big achievement,” he said.

About his inspirations through painting, he said the purpose of watching a dance or looking at the painting is to experience a mood a kind of enjoyment which is self forgetful and transporting.

“The classical dance forms of Pakistan are the ones which combine music, dance, poetry, stories, acting and much more. Therefore, along with being aesthetically appealing the classical dance forms are the prestigious cultural heritage of our country which is always neglected and never promoted,” he said. 

About Kathak dance, he said that he had to focus on a better posture, create awareness about alignment, flexibility, strength and building up on stamina to learn this art. “The wonderful thing about Nahid Siddiqui is that her style has evolved such a great deal into art that is the reason she has been recognized and acclaimed internationally. She always used to say everyone can easily copy things but it is actually the creativity which makes you shine. For me this art is a study into the power of energy and it has developed into a very sophisticated system of footwork and rhythmic patterns,” he explained.  Kathak leans heavily on the elements of technique and tatkar is the fundamental footwork from which all other foot sounds and compositions are created. He ended the session by saying the best part with his teacher Nahid Siddiqui’s every movement including posture and expression becomes a luminous and transcendental experience.