The electric shortage crisis in the country has been escalating unabated since 2008. This is despite the fact every government that comes into power makes exaggerated promises to solve this serious problem within its tenure. No country in the world can become self-sufficient economically, and consequently gain full sovereignty, without having an abundant supply of electricity.  

Even a small country like Sri Lanka, situated in the shadows of a giant like India, has achieved a surplus in power supply and as a result has become so self-reliant and confident that it is completely free from any fear of its famously bully-boy neighbour. On the other hand, our country, deficient in basic utilities and dependent upon others, continues to suffer silently the terror attacks perpetrated by our rich lenders as a part of their regional strategies. In fact, there seems to exist a definite causal mechanism-pattern between terrorism and load-shedding. Our bureaucracy, meaning all the government employees running governmental policies and affairs, is only concerned with its own perks and privileges and has never shown any concern about the means and methods of strengthening the country’s resources. Rather they are only good at looting the country’s assets.  

According to a news report human resources and admin director of ‘Mapco’ used electricity which according to his meter readings amounted to hundreds of thousands of rupees, but the SE Multan not only struck off his overused units but also gave him additional free units worth Rs. 85 thousand. Even the lowly linemen of the ‘Wapda’ companies sell electricity privately amounting to millions of rupees. Summer season will soon set in and the poor people will start receiving exorbitantly over inflated bills enough to make them cry out in mental agony. On the other hand, a surplus and redundant 11kv line passing over houses of Chah Chashma locality in Muzaffargarh is demanded tens of thousands of rupees for its removal. That is the plight of the common citizens, that if they won’t die in a terrorist attack they certainly would by the falling 11kv lines and no official seems to care about them. 


Muzaffargarh, February 20.