China hints at creating a new block titled as 'BRICS Plus' which would operate as the periphery part within BRICS forum. The Chinese authourities have decided to include rising economies like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Iran, Turkey, Nigeria, Philippine, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

The development highlights the fact that China will hold the presidency of the BRICS forum this year as it will be hosting the ninth summit at Xiamen in September.  

Chinese top diplomat Wang YiChina said his country endeavours to explore modalities for Brics-plus functionality and seeks to widen its circle of friends and transform BRICS into the most-influential platform for south-south cooperation in the world.

He added that Chinese leadership will hold dialogues to reach deals with other major developing countries. Indian reaction will be worth noting in terms of the Indo-Chinese rivalry as BRICS Plus will include Pro-Chinese countries, despite high-level India-China strategic talks last month.