LAHORE-A two-day Lahore Music Meet concluded yesterday on a very positive note. The event featured sessions in which musicians, singers and composers all urged to people engaged in the music industry to work together to take it to new heights. The event was also marked with enthralling performances by underground bands.

There were 15 sessions yesterday. The Day 2 of LMM started with session titled ‘Simpler Sampling with Danial Arthur Panjwaneey in discussion with Ziyaad Habib as moderator. A number of sessions were reshuffled on Day 2 due to which people had to face a lot of inconvenience. Sessions include ‘Animating Music’ Syed Mustafa, Arium Elahi, Alamash Sever were panelists with Sheryar Baig as moderator, ‘Flaunting the flute’, ‘Below the Bassline’, ‘The Stupid Happiness Theory of making tunes’, ‘The desert journey’, ‘The composers guide to the big screen’, ‘The Show must go on\ with Natasha Humera Ejaz, Sara Haider were as panelists . The session was moderated by Imran Shahid.

Vocalist Javed Bashir had an interactive session with audience titled ‘Saaz-eAndaaz: Surr Miloo’. The LMM ended with enthralling performance by Javed Bashir at Hall 1.

There were 9 performances of underground bands including MU, Mohammad Aizaz, Mehdi Maloof, Patati Tabeer, Shajie, Hathi, Saakin, Tonight, Us, Jaubi and  Noah’s Heark at Hall 2.

Ahmer Naqvi who is the moving force behind the Patari moderated the session ‘Patari Tabeer’ with Abid Brohi who hails from Sibbi and Lyaari Rappers (Danial and Abdullah) as panelists.

Ahmer described the Patari as a ‘Doodh Jalebi’ awesome platform for discovering and streaming Pakistani music.

Danial is rapper from Lyari in Karachi. He told the audience that before joining the Patari he served in Pakistan national football team. “We got in contact with Ahmer Naqvi and made some of the awesome songs which could not have reached the world without the help of Patari project,” he said.

Danial said that before the Patari reached Lyari they had made some songs but kept it to the underground music band in the premises of Lyari. “I used to listen to all kinds of music but then I realized that Lyari had everything but no rapper voice which could represent the voice of Lyari to the world,” Danial said.

“Rap means real artist power which represents the real voice of the people as Andre Romelle aka Dr Dre and Snoop Dog who made rap songs to represent their native and indigenous issues of their community to the world.

“I chose rap songs to highlight the issues of Lyari and positive image of Lyari at the same time.

“The ghettos are present worldwide and Lyari is not different than a ghetto which got fame through gangsters and gangs but we are also talented Pakistanis. Lyrari used to be call mini Brazil. All government needs is to promote the local talent.

“I used to Lewa dance during my performances, which is a kind of Samba dance of Brazil. It was invented 350 years ago when Karachi was Kolachi and people from Africa called Mugarman had interaction with local people and new dance type was formed, Lewa,” he said.

Danial said he was very much inspired with discipline of Lahore. “During a security check the people of some law enforcement agencies did not believe that I was Pakistani. They thought I looked like a Columbian warlord agent. Then they checked my NIC and let me go. Some other people here also could not believe that I am a Pakistani! It was unique experience in Lahore,” a laughing Danial told the audience. 

Songs of Lyari

Abid Brohi became people sensation as he has already thousands of fans on internet. His internet hit song is ‘The Sibbi Song’. Patari singers gave splendid performance on The Sibbi Song (Abid Brohi), Players of Lyari, Jugni (Nazar Gill & Farhan Zameer) and received huge applause from jam packed audience at Alhamra Hall II of Lahore Arts Council.